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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 9 12/2011
As the Holiday Season Approaches
Dear Clients and Readers, Dear Friends,

As the end of the year draws near, we wanted to thank you for your continuing trust. Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are always in fashion for the buyer looking for something unique and exceptional.

Exceptional also describes the project we are supporting in India through our second annual donation. To learn more, please read the article that follows.

This year, once again, we are thrilled to see the growth in both our customer base and the interest in our newsletters. The many positive reactions and suggestions received from our readers have of course encouraged us to continue the publication of our newsletter next year. We are particularly proud of the fact that certain trade schools are now using our articles and colour grading cards in their courses!

You will also be happy to know that we are currently working on our new colour grading card for the inhorgenta trade fair in February 2012.

Until then, we wish you all much business success to top off the end of the year and look forward to working together again next year!

Your Kulsen & Hennig Team
From our Collection:
A Cushion Cut Fancy Deep Yellowish Orange 0.75 ct Diamond
This stone, with its soft cushion cut and its beautiful warm colour, corresponds perfectly to the winter season.

Despite the depth of its colour, graded as "deep" by the GIA, this stone possesses remarkable brilliance and fiery warmth, reminiscent of long winter evenings in front of the fireplace.

If you are interested in this stone, please contact us by email or by telephone at:
Telephone:  +49 (0)30 44 34 17 77

An Autorickshaw for Learning

Madhan Mohan, founder and head of the Regenboog India Foundation, directs among other things a primary school with kindergarten classes, a home for children, and three evening schools, all of which are located in Tamil Nadu, a region in Southern India.

His objective is to use education to stop the vicious circle of poverty through simple, efficient and cost effective solutions. Any and all donations received are used to support the project as the staff is entirely made up of volunteers.

This year,
ARS (Arunachala Rising Sun) and our donation support a unique and innovative project – the purchase of an autorickshaw to be used as a mobile library for children and young adults.
All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
The "Cora Sun Drop" Auctioned off by Sotheby’s in Geneva
Weighing in at 110.03 ct, the Cora Sun Drop is the biggest yellow diamond in the world with the maximal Fancy Vivid Yellow colour grading.

On November 15, 2011, at Sotheby’s in Geneva, this exceptional stone was sold for 8 million Euros to an anonymous buyer who made his bid over the telephone. An absolute record for a yellow diamond!

The rough diamond was discovered in Africa in 2010 and then cut by New York based Cora International, one of the world’s largest diamond companies.

The stone’s intense yellow colour, enhanced by its pear shape, is caused by traces of nitrogen trapped in the diamond’s carbon structure.
Diamonds and Pearls – An Alliance of Light
We have noticed how, during trade fairs or visits to our offices, our customers enthusiastically mix pearls with our Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, whether by matching the hues or associating contrasting colours for a less conventional effect.
The Guinness Book of World Records – The Most Expensive Dessert in the World
Marc Guilbert, head chef at the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windermere in the north of England, and Wave Jewellery from Kendal in the northwest of the country came up with the costly sweet together. It was presented for the first time in October during National Chocolate Week in Great Britain.

The dessert is made of delicately flavoured chocolate, layers of champagne jelly and a light biscuit joconde, and is covered with the finest bitter dark chocolate. This luxurious creation is decorated with handmade chocolate roses and edible gold leaf.

To top off this already extravagant dessert, Paul Henderson, co-founder of Wave Jewellery, has selected a contemporary 18k rose gold ring centred with a deep chocolate coloured 2.62 ct diamond.

As soon as someone actually buys this expensive creation priced at 22.000 GBP, it will enter the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive dessert in the world.
Gemmology Corner
Diamond Shapes: The Oval Cut
Rough octahedral shaped stones are typically destined for a round brilliant cut. Fancy cuts are chosen when it is not possible to cut a rough stone in a satisfactory brilliant cut.

Oval diamonds are for the most part brilliant cuts, giving them a bright, lively appearance. Although the market tends to offer well-rounded oval stones, according to the GIA, both consumers and professionals prefer longer stones.

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