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Nature’s Brilliant Colours
Newsletter Nr. 6 02/2011
Come and See Us at the International inhorgenta europe 2011 Trade Fair
Dear Clients, Dear Readers:

We would be pleased to have you visit our stand at the upcoming international inhorgenta europe 2011 trade fair held from 25 to 28 February! You will have the opportunity to discover our wide range of products and receive a personal copy of our colour charts for both yellow and Champagne Diamonds.

Stand Location:
Hall C1 / Stand 408 / Aisle C

We look forward to your visit!


Our New Colour Grading Chart for Yellow Diamonds
Yellow is one of the most common diamond colours found in the jewellery industry. Compared to other Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, yellow diamonds with medium colour saturation are available at quite affordable prices.

Our colour grading chart for yellow diamonds presents the various shades and will be a helpful tool for professional interaction. The chart shows the internationally recognised GIA colour scale for yellow diamonds, ranging from Faint Yellow to Fancy Vivid Yellow and clearly indicates the transition from white diamonds to coloured diamonds. Key information concerning the origins of colour and sources of yellow diamonds is also provided.

A free copy of the chart will be included with your next order.

To download the colour grading chart, click

From our Collection: Princess, Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy Pink
We recommend this stone for the unique charm of its delicate antique rose pink colour. The fiery brown and orange tints warm the main pink colour, making the stone particularly well suited to red or pink gold.

This stone’s excellent VVS1 clarity, rather uncommon in pink diamonds, and its 0.34 ct weight would make it the perfect choice for a personalised engagement ring.

For more information about this stone, please contact us at:

Telephone: +49 30 44 34 17 77

Portrait of a Diamond … An Interview with Elmar Schwarze
Juliane Hennig: This new year, 2011, marks our 10 years of working together and we will celebrate that anniversary at the Inhorgenta Trade Fair where you will be visiting us Sunday. For all these years, you have done a marvellous job capturing the portraits of our diamonds, as well as that of our team for that matter, and you have constantly improved your technique. We think it is high time to introduce you to our readers! Photographing precious stones and jewellery is reputed to be among the most demanding photographic disciplines. What challenges are involved?

Elmar Schwarze:
Capturing the portrait of a diamond’s beauty and uniqueness requires more than just good technique. Experience and perseverance are also necessary, especially when it comes to coloured diamonds.

Juliane Hennig: And how do you proceed?

All about Natural Coloured Diamonds
Paying Tribute to the Tiffany Diamond
by Gabriele Gollwitzer
Manhattan, January 2011 – Like so many other tourists, I made my way to 5th Avenue to visit the Tiffany & Co. flagship store to see the site of the movie classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I was also interested in seeing another classic, however: the Tiffany diamond that visitors can admire here all year long. Contrary to the movie's opening scene, the street was packed on this sunny winter day. As I entered the store through the open front doors, neither the reverential calm of a museum nor the respectable silence of a luxury jewellery store awaited me. The sales area was full of visitors of all ages … and only 5 meters from the front doors, in a wall showcase, I caught sight of the famous yellow cushion cut diamond, weighing 128 carats, in its “bird on a rock” setting.

Read the history of the Tiffany Diamond that starts in 1877 in South Africa.

Some Famous Yellow Diamonds and the Stories behind Them
Many myths and legends surround the most famous diamonds and their owners. As yellow diamonds are the main focus of this newsletter, we have selected some of the most famous ones. For our part, even though we limited ourselves to proven facts, we found the stories behind these diamonds to be absolutely fascinating!
Gemmology Corner
Diamond Colours: Yellow
The colour yellow raises certain essential questions concerning Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Actually, how do we define a Fancy Coloured Diamond? How is its value determined? A fine, but essential, line divides white diamonds that have an undesirable yellow tint from those diamonds that possess the much sought after yellow colour.
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